Our aim is to develop ASTONishing Learners who display the following characteristics: 


“I dream big.” 

I aim high 

I use my imagination 

I explore possibilities 

I believe I can …. 

I know I am valued 

I make the most of opportunities 


“I can’t do it YET!” 

I keep trying 

I embrace a challenge 

I learn from mistakes 

I’ll find another way 


“I am self- motivated.” 

I can think for myself 

I can follow a process 

I can read instructions 

I can use my initiative 

I notice things 

I can make connections 


“I ask questions.” 

I like finding out new things 

I want to know more 

I enjoy developing new skills 

I’m interested in everything 

I take managed risks 


“I give my all.” 

I always do my best 

I know I can always improve 

I challenge myself 

I am focused 

I communicate my ideas 


“I love learning.” 

I block out distractions 

I embrace collaborative learning 

I actively listen 

I am aware of expectations 

I care about the world around me