“Pupils radiate confidence, self-assurance and enjoyment of learning. They have only positive things to say about their school, their exciting curriculum and their teachers whom they describe as top notch.” OFSTED 2018

Aston and Cote School is a Church of England school and controlled by Oxfordshire Local Education Authority.  It is organised into 6 classes. 

Windmill 1 & 2


2-5 years


Year 1

5-6 years


Year 2

6-7 years


Year 3 & 4

7-8 years


Year 4 & 5

8-10 years


Year 5 & 6

9-11 years

“Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education including children in the early years who make good and sometimes rapid progress from their starting points.” OFSTED 2018The composite year groups in each class will vary each school year due to the different numbers on roll in each year group. Teaching assistants will be timetabled to support the needs of children in each class.

Our Houses

Phoenix – Red

Pegasus – Blue

Dragon – Green

Griffin – Yellow

All children from Nursery to Year 6 are allocated to a House at Aston and Cote.  There are four Houses in total; each has two Year 6 House Captains, who are voted for by the children in each house at the start of the school year.

The House Captains  organise the house point totals for the week and these are announced during collective worship each Monday.

The children represent their house for in-school competitions, such as art, handwriting, poetry recital and Sports Day at the end of the summer term.